I help people learn to write songs, faster.

I don’t mean write a song in 5 minutes!  Writing great songs is a lifelong journey and we each move along the past a different speeds.  If you knew what I know, it might take you months to make progress rather than the years it took me.



Back when I first started writing (before YouTube), I didn’t know where to start.  I had so much to say but the words came out as poetry.

My first experience sharing one of my songs was discouraging to say the least.

I was around 16 and playing in a band with guys who were more experienced than I and super talented.  One of the guitarists was very accomplished, a few years older, and someone I respected musically.

One day, I shared a song I was proud of hoping he’d turn it into a masterpiece.

He read through it, made a weird face, handed it back and said “This is poetry, not a song.  What can I do with it?”  I tried to get my vision across to him, but I wasn’t successful.

Maybe it was his immaturity.  Maybe it was mine.  Either way, this little event set me back many years in sharing my songs.

Fast forward and I’m very particular about what songs I share, and who I share them with.  I take care in crafting a melody, choosing my words, message and structure.  It matters because there’s still a little insecurity about how people receive my work.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you.



Now days, I meet people who are just starting and I can see how far I’ve come.  Things I take for granted are brand new to others who are beginning to write.

I’ve worked with kids who are just starting to write and with adults who didn’t write songs until they retired!  It doesn’t matter how old you are.  When we begin to write songs, we all begin at the same place – the BEGINNING.

Unsure where to start, what to say, how to say it, how to create moods and avoid cliché.

So I began to think, maybe my experience and knowledge can help you move faster along your songwriting journey.

The journey never ends but we can certainly travel at different speeds!



I personally love to write songs and consider all the elements of a song.

Over the years I’ve written hundreds of songs while playing in bands and producing music.  Everything from engineering recordings and mixing, to music production and directing artwork.  I’ve toured, played festivals, released music and even had a weekly gig at a house of worship where several thousand people sang along each week.

But even though life changes and I’ve moved onto other things, I still write songs and love it!  It’s been a constant through my entire life and I’ll never stop doing it.

I’ve learned a lot about why we think some songs are good and others aren’t.  Sure, some of that is personal taste and preference, but some of it is human nature.  There are universal components of a songs which translate well across different platforms.

For example, things like structure, rhyme, theme, hook and clarity all matter whether we’re talking about country or metal.  People expect certain things from specific genres and they instinctively know when a song isn’t very good.

Songs On Purpose helps people become “songwriters”… faster.

More to come!


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