I’m an Alternative Rock artist blending deliberate songwriting with Americana and Spiritual influences.

Born and raised in Texas, hard work and music were always there.  As you would guess, i was heavily influenced by Country and Blues, but also Gospel, Classic, Prog-rock and Metal.  For several years i was even forced to listen to “Oldies” 5 days a week when i worked in body shops repairing cars.  Oh, and i learned music theory by studying classical guitar for two years.  Ultimately, it all blends together and comes out as “alternative” music, whatever that is these days.

Since guitar and drums are my main instruments, you’ll find those elements prominent.  But i dabble in all kinds of instruments including piano, ukulele, bass and various percussion.

Spiritually, i’ve spent my life searching and you’ll likely hear that come through in some of the lyrics.  Of course not all songs go deep, i have 100 or so that i haven’t recorded!  Regardless, i take words seriously and i want my music to inspire questions and feelings of hope.

These days i still write weekly and always work to hone my recording and mixing skills.  I’ll play live as a singer-songwriter on request and i enjoy playing drums and bass with friends when the opportunity arises.

For fun (once in a while) i’ll enter song contests.  Here are a few that turned out well… and that always makes it more fun:)  I also love to co-write and collaborate on projects.  Feel free to contact me.


  • Story Of Our Lives (LGL) – 2013 Songwriting Competition 1st Place Winner (Inspirational) and International Finalist (top-15 of over 1600 writers)
  • I Can Be the Rain* – 2014 Songwriting Competition Finalist (Singer-Songwriter) and Honorary Mention top-5 (Bare Bones)
  • That’s What I Knew* – 2014 Songwriting Competition Finalist (Folk/Americana)
  • Feelings Fade (Walk On Faith) – 2015 International Finalist top-15 of over 1700 writers (Inspirational), ASG Finalist top-15
  • What Do You Think It’s Like (Over There) – 2015 Competition 2nd Place (Inspirational), 3rd Place (Songs About Places), Honorable Mention top-6 (Singer-Songwriter)


July 23, 2017